Don't Replace Your Heirloom Furniture-Repair It

Don't Replace Your Heirloom Furniture-Repair It

Call Melville Woodworks & Refinishing for furniture repair

Your furniture can take a beating due to multiple moves and normal wear and tear. Instead of replacing your scuffed-up furniture, call Melville Woodworks & Refinishing to repair the damage.

Our skilled team can...

  • Save you time by repairing your furniture on-site
  • Save you money on a premature furniture replacement
  • Save you the trouble of attempting do-it-yourself repairs

We can repair nicks and scratches in any wood piece, including table tops, chair legs and doors. Call 660-281-6327 today to make an appointment.

Never attempt DIY furniture repair

If you want to restore your furniture to its original beauty, leave your repairs to the pros. The Melville Woodworks & Refinishing crew has years of combined experience repairing a variety of wood furniture pieces.

Contact Melville Woodworks & Refinishing to learn more about our full-service repair process.